DIY-inspired psychfolk

Opnames clip Are We Gonna Make It?
uit het nieuwe album
, Pale Morning Fades ( dec 2015) op Dopey Sonofabitch Music



This music is dedicated to all who came and went and came and went...

Influenced by William Seward Burroughs, Riot GRRRLS, country- and desert blues, rembetika, magical realism, montage of heck, non-organized religion, animal liberation front, the village green preservation society, Seattle, impressionism, stomp dancing, William Patrick Corgan and William Shakespeare.

I like the sound of tape recorders and unprocessed guitars and I like to use my guitar as a drum. The songs come from far but are performed right nextdoors. No designing, networking, singersongwriting or corporate rock'n rolling has been used in the making-of. No attempts were made to make it sound better or worse than what it is: a one-man band using whatever instruments suit the message.

I won't settle for less than world peace. Between all who could be free.

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ma 11 januari2016