Kunstencentrum BELGIE presents on friday june 23th and saturday june 24th,
as of 19h00, a much anticipated event with legendary band The Triffids.
On the eve of the festivalsummer you can see and hear the original bandmembers, live and uncut in Hasselt.

Both evenings will follow the same program, possibly with some alterations in the playlists, interviews, visuals, guestvocalists...


Exclusive audio and video footage (unreleased recordings, radiosessions, super 8 films shot by bandmembers etc...)

Unique Triffids-concert with original bandmembers for the first time on stage sinds 1989.

Guest singers, Mark Snarski (Jackson Code, AUS) a.o.

Live interview sessions with The Triffids and entourage

Exhibition with historic photos and objects from the personal archives of the Triffids members.

Presentation of the first reissue-cd on Domino Records: 'Born Sandy Devotional'

dj-sets by bandmembers...

‘Wide Open Road’, ‘Bury Me Deep in Love’, ‘Stolen Property’, ‘Keep Your Eyes On The Hole’, ... For those older than thirty, these pearls of pop will evoke the melancholic dream world of the Triffids. Those who are younger should not despair : over a period of two years ‘Domino Records’ - the English label that intoduced us to bands like Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy- will re-release the Triffids catalogue starting as of June 2006 with their unassailable masterwork ‘Born Sandy Devotional’ culminating in a ‘Best Of and Rarities’ due in 2007.

The importance of the Triffids in the musical development from the eighties onwards and their influence on diverse musical movements afterwards are hard to grasp. Operating from their somewhat ‘too’ idyllic haven, the sun drenched Australian Perth, their constant quest led them to the rest of the world via London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Inspired by the no-nonsense and the ‘do it yourself’ spirit of punk, the Triffids evolved into a, for that time, unique and self-willed band that played with styles and genres like pop, folk, rhythm & blues, jazz… with an adventurous palet of instruments like violin, organ, lapsteel. No well-trodden paths for The Triffids, but crossover ‘avant la lettre’, creating their own universe somwhere in-between the Velvets and country.

Naturally, there was David Mc Comb, the singer-songwriter who died 1999, aged 36. With his beautiful lyrics and his charismatic way of singing/vocal style McComb was the perfect front man for The Triffids who where/are above all a solid talented group of friends. Brother Robert Mc Comb, a versatile instrumentalist and singer, Alsy Mc Donald on drums, ‘Evil’ Graham Lee with his stellar guitar arrangements, Jill Birt on his worn-out little organ and his heavenly vocals and last but not least Martin Casey, the former problem child par excellence, but no-one less than present support and right hand of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Despite their homelessness, their continuous lack of cash and their highly emotional and chaotic live style, the Triffids grew into nothing less than a magical band. Music business and all things related were not their highest priority so their wonderous pop music, full of melancholy and intriguing sadness often found itself in a kind of no-man’s land, somewhere between ‘independent’ and ‘major’, between small alternative clubs and big concert halls and festivals (a.o. Werchter 1987 and Pukkelpop 1988). This apparent indeterminateness was in fact one of the few times that The Triffids did not leave destiny and coincidence at play but made a conscious choice in favor of this indeterminateness they cherish so much. But it still is coincidence and destiny that brings The Triffids to Hasselt, KC BELGIE for ‘An evening with the Triffids’ (in remembrance of David McComb) a unique and exclusive reunion event.










friday june 23th and saturday june 24th

START: as of 19h00

reservation or presale advised!

° EUR 16 (members BELGIE) / EUR 18

° Reservation via deposit: EUR 18 - mail to belgie@skynet.be

° presale :
EUR 16 
+ possible reservationcosts of the recordstore

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