The Triffids
'A Secret In The Shape Of A Song'
Featuring :
Mick Harvey (AUS - Birthday Party / Bad Seeds),
Warren Ellis (AUS. Nick Cave - Grinderman - The Dirty Three)
Stef Kamil Carlens (B, Zita Swoon),
Blackeyed Susans (AUS),
and more!


With the support of Pop in Limburg and in collaboration with London’s leading arts centre The Barbican, Kunstencentrum BELGIE is proud to welcome the legendary Australian band The Triffids back to the European continent on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of April 2010. Central in this evening filling live event titled ' The Triffids - A Secret In The Shape Of A Song' are both bands of late David McComb in their original line-up: The Triffids and The Blackeyed Susans . This second appearance of The Triffids holds everything for a unique musical event packed with international guest musicians and guest singers ,and a selection of surprise acts.

Invited by Kunstencentrum BELGIE, The Triffids played their first reunion concert in 2006. ‘An Evening With The Triffids - In Remembrance of David McComb' was a memorable tribute to the late David McComb , frontman and brilliant songwriter who died in 1999. This reunion (re)generated international attention to the fantastic music and work of McCombs and The Triffids. This world wide commotion came as a more than pleasant surprise for both Kunstencentrum BELGIE and the former members of The Triffids.

Over the next two years Domino London (Animal Collective, Franz Ferdinand...) re-released the complete Triffids collection, special remixes and previously unreleased songs that not only managed to captivate the loyal Triffids devotee but also triggered a whole new generation of fans. These reissues also started an international buzz in the press that focused on the nature and the importance of the Triffids- repertoire and McCombs musical inheritance. After the reunion/tribute concerts in Hasselt (kc BELGIE) and Amsterdam (Melkweg) in 2006, the memorable concerts in Australia (Sidney, Perth and Melbourne) gained more than praising reviews. Director Steven Levett documented these shows and the Triffids legacy beautifully in his film 'It's Raining Pleasure' (2009).

Four years after their magical reunion 'An Evening with The Triffids - In Remembrance of David McComb' Kunstencentrum BELGIE now presents the unlikely sequel to this Australian/Belgian adventure:
'The Triffids - A Secret In The Shape Of A Song' .

The Triffids (AUS)

- Jill Birt : Keyboards, vocals
- Martyn Casey  (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds / Grinderman): Bas
- 'Evil' Graham Lee : Guitar, pedal steel, lap steel en vocals
- Allan (Alsy) MacDonald : Drums, percussion, vocals
- Robert McComb: Violin, guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals

Special Guests:
Mick Harvey (AUS - Nick Cave / Birthday Party),
Stef Kamil Carlens (B - Zita Swoon),
Warren Ellis (AUS. Nick Cave - Grinderman - The Dirty Three),
Melanie Oxley (AUS - backing vocals The Triffids), Chris Abrahams (AUS - The Necks), Rob Snarski (AUS - Blackeyed Susans), - more t.b.c.!

+ The Blackeyed Susans (AUS)

- Rob Snarski: Vocals
- Phil Kakulas: Bas
- Mark Dawson (t.b.c.) : Drums
- JP Shilo: Accordion en violin

+ Special Guests : Graham Lee (The Triffids) & Chris Abrahams (The Necks)